May 12th, 2013

Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel

Glee crossover

Hey i'm looking for some crossover fics :) It's have to be with either Teen wolf, The vampire diaries, Supernatural or Twilight! :) And Kurt has to have a important role in the story, if isen't the main role.

And i know there probably isen't a crossover with it, but if there is a crossover with Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, i will be so happy if you could find it too me.

specific fic: sexually abused kurt, eventual klaine

(this is my first post on gleefinders- on livejournal, actually, so please let me know if i did anything wrong!)

there are some scenes i remember from some fanfiction (i don't know if they're all from the same one)

1. burt isn't kurt's dad- he lives with his step-mom (i think it's terry?). they move from new york to ohio to live with terry's boyfriend, who abuses them both.

2. blaine finds kurt hiding out in a park or something after a rough night and tries to comfort him

3. kurt spends a lot of time staying away from home (in a restaurant, at school, etc) so that he can stay away from terry's boyfriend

4. at one point, kurt runs away from blaine and cooper finds him at a pond where he and his mom used to go (or something)

5. i think blaine might have thought he was straight in the beginning- it might have been popular!blaine or badboy!blaine

does anyone recognize any of these scenes?? thanks in advance!

FOUND! link in comments.
courage, tattoo

Blaine Raped

I am looking for a fic in which Blaine is raped. I can't remember loads of the details, but he is at college (but i dont think he is a student there) He called Burt and its Kurt and Burt that help him recover and in the end Kurt and Blaine share their first time. I dont think we actually see much of the rape and i dont think Blaine actually admits what happens straight away

Sorry if i have tagged wrong i am new to this

Specific Blam fic: Pre "TBU"

Hey guys, I'm looking for an eventual Blam fic.

In it, Kurt breaks up with Blaine before going to New York. Afterwards Blaine and Sam become quite close. They both know they have crushes on the other when Kurt comes back and realises he made a mistake breaking upwith Blaine.
Kurt sings a broadway love song to Blaine but Blaine is oblivious and doesn't realise he is doing so, though Sam does and resigns himself to Klaine getting back together. Kurt kisses Blaine later but Blaine confesses his crush on Sam and, when Sam realises Klaine aren't dating and Blam get together.

PS: Kurt is happy for Blaine and Sam and they're all friends afterwards, this is not that fic where Kurt goes crazy and tries to break them up!

Thanks in advance if anyone knows this fic!

Puck, quinn and finn fighting over beth


I am looking for a fic where finn is still angry with puck for sleeping with quinn and they are fighting when puck reveals the date when it happened which is the anniversary of pucks dad leaving usually finn is there for puck on this day but not that year so when quinn turns up at pucks puck is already well on his way to been drunk this turns the argueement around to quinn and finn then forgives puck.

Does this ring a bell with anyone