May 7th, 2013

Sebastian Smythe, Grant Gustin

Two kinds of Kurtbastian Futurefics

I'm looking for two different kinds of Kurtbastian futurefics:

1. Fic where Kurt and Sebastian are married/together and the past ND/Warbler members find out

2. Kurtbastian as parents

If someone finds a fic with both of these I might die from happiness.  Thanks in advance guys! 
Darren's fab hat

Looking for a specific Escort!Blaine fic (Klaine)

I am looking for an old-ish fic. It had Kurt booking Blaine, who is an escort (prostitute)... Kurt is lonely.

Kurt ends up constinously "booking" Blaine and that creates some emotional drama and Blaine wants to know why Kurt keeps booking him, but IIRC, they end up falling in love.
Its a multi chaptered fic.
I don't remember the author.
Timewise, I think it was posted around S2/3

Thanks in advance!