April 29th, 2013

  • mmifa

Specific puck/kurt

Hey guys!
I'm desperately trying to find a story:
I really hope I'm not mixing things up. It's a long series, partly from Burt POV as he sees Kurt calling Puck by surname the way his wife spoke to him, later Finn proposes to Rachel, Burt&Carol have a baby everybody calls Tiny or Teeny I think, and Puck comes back from the army at some point?.. And it was absolutely mind-blowing.
Please-please help, I've found Burt Hummel is a Smart Man but I don't think that's it =(

Found it!!

Another request then:

Puck/Kurt, I think everyone in Glee took Finn's side & Finn was kind of mean, and Kurt stick with Puck. I have this weird feeling Finn was trying to seduce Kurt to get him away from Puck? And Puck was really worried about Beth's future and wanted to be a part of it, maybe even raise her, and at some point Quinn kind of freaked out and told Puck she'll give their daughter up and he had no say in it? And later Kurt confronted her, starting that she was absolutely right but actually explaining what a bitch move was that, and Quinn cried a little and they reconciled?

Sorry, a bit of a blurr. Crap, maybe I'm mixing two different stories again >.<
Mmmm Help?..
Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel

How awesome Kurt is

Hello i'm searching for some fics, were the warblers finds out how awesome Kurt is.Like how muscular he is, that he has been in the Cheerios, that he is an mecanic, how good he is dancing etc.

Then i'm searching for some fics werw the New Directions find out how awesome Kurt is. How muscular he is, how good he is at dancing etc.

I like any parring but i prefer the klaine, Puckurt and Kurtbastian parring. But it dosn't need a parring, it's fine without it.