April 28th, 2013

Kurt being romanced by someone recs and the Kurt/Blaine recs

I'm looking of recs where Kurt is romanced publically by someone (not blaine or adam) for instance someone sending him really extravagant gifts or; it could be someone unexpected or an oc (football player, someone in new york, some rich guy, boss, vampire, did I just think up a story line?, etc.) It could so be someone canon Puck, Dave, a warbler that is not featured around Jeff/Kurt in  the fic Unexpected (read it). Please try not to give me one shots unless they are longer than a few paragraphs. Thank you. Slash only. Bash anyone you want but Kurt.                     

I'm also looking for a fic where Kurt dates rich Blaine; just funny fics like the one where Santana tries hittting on Blaine or the one where Blaine shows up at Kurt kissing booth with a fifty dollar bill (both of which I would love to be in the recs because I can't remember their names but would rather have new recs.)


Hello. I have a specific Fic in mind. This is a Finn/Quinn/Puck/Rachel fic. I only remember one specific scene where Rachel is in a restaurant with her dads and she ends up pleading with Puck, Quinn and Finn to pretend to be her friends. (I remember her promising quinn a week of her and her friends slushing her with no threats of pressing charges) Afterward Rachel's dads go on a trip and Rachel goes home but Puck,Finn and Quinn follow her with desert because they really like her and want to be with her romantically.

Thanks in advance!

Older!puck and Younger!Kurt

I'm pretty sure I read this story on fanfiction.net. Kurt and puck met on an online dating site, they met and stRted dating even though Puck was in his 30's I think and Kurt was 16. I remember that Kirt and Rachel were best friends and he went to her house to hang out and he realized he was at Puck's house, he said something like, "he had been in this house before it was the house he lost his virginity in." I know that Puck was Rachel's dad and she did find out about their relationship and was okay with it. If you can help me find this I will be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance!
chris colfer

Political!Klaine fic recs

Hi everybody! I'm looking for klaine fics that have to do with politics. What I mean by this is that there is a heavy political scene or background to the story, for example Kurt and Blaine are both senators or, as in "From the Love to the Lightening," their parents are part of politics and Klaine gets dragged into it as well. Any recs?


Looking for a Kurtofsky fic posted on Tumblr about 2 years ago and it was angsty as heck

Anyway it's really hard to describe but I think Dave killed himself, but Kurt still sees him, but HIM is really Blaine. The author wrote subtle references in the fic that if you read it again then you would realize that Kurt was really interacting with Blaine and not Dave. For example, talking about how Dave's hair is suddenly slicked back and when Kurt and Blaine had that conversation in the Prom Queen episode in the hallway how the flower on the lapel changed from Dave's color to Blaine's color.

It wasn't a supernatural story it was just Kurt going crazy. It's implied that Dave committed suicide and Kurt sees Blaine as him out of guilt or whatever. Someone please tell me they know what I'm talking about.