April 26th, 2013

Puckurt fanfic

I'm looking for a puckurt fanfic:

- puck asks Kurt out but he isn't listening and agrees
- Puck finds Kurt who is locked in a car with a guy trying to rape him
- Kurt has multiple partners
- one is Brittany's cousin and another is the son of Burt's bussiness partner
- Burt and Kurt have dinner at the bussiness partners house
- puck likes Kurt the whole time and tries to build up the courage to ask him out.


Help! Hurt!Blaine....

I'm looking for a fic where Blaine gets hurt somehow and he can't talk correctly. He thinks he's saying things right in his head, but his words come out randomly. I don't know if what he has is Dysprosody, but it's something like that, and it's basically about how he recovers from that with the help of Kurt.

Zombie apocalypse fic w/Santana and Blaine (probably more), Blaine has self harm scars

Hi guys,

 I'm looking for a zombie apocalypse story where the glee club are on the run. I don't remember much, but I DO remember a scene where they're staying in a house by a river. Santana and Blaine end up alone by the river, and Santana notices that Blaine has scars all over his wrists and calls him out. She gets angry, I think, and says something along the lines of he can't do that anymore because they can't lose him over something like that in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. I think it's an ensemble fic, but I could be wrong.

Also, and I may be confusing two fics here, they have abilities. As in, some of the club can see auras etc. At one point, they are staying in a house they stumble across in the country - which happens to be inhabited by a guy who can read minds or emotions or something - and Blaine has an infected wound on his arm that makes him constantly unconsciousness with a bad fever, he eventually has to have his arm amputated. They also bury Mercedes here. The guy they're staying with constantly leaves the house because he can't handle the storm of teenage emotions. (I think Santana has some angst over Blaine having his arm amputated, because he asked her not to tell anyone about the scars or said no one else knew or something and she knows they'll see them now... This could also be wrong.)

I've looked through the tags and searched the comm, to no avail :( I'm sorry the description is so vague, and that I'm probably mixing stories, but I really want to read the fic again and this is all I remember :( please, please help!

(Sorry if my tags aren't correct, it's been a long time since I've posted here O: )