April 23rd, 2013


im looking for a puck/rachel fic

rachel goes to ask puck if he will co cap glee with her. ends up with them in a dom/sub relationship.

i can remember puck giving her a necklas that he had made in shop class i think.

rachels dads like him better than finn and they have him over when they 'smoke'

any help would be apprecited as ive had this fic in my favourites but its vanished.

#found in comments x

Specific fic: Blaine has scoliosis

Hey there,
I'm looking for a fic I've read a while ago on fanfiction.net i think.
In it Blaine has scoliosis and wears a brace.
He and Kurt were together as far as I remember and Blaine still goes to Dalton...I'm not sure about Kurt.
That's all i can remember.
I hope someone knows which fic I'm talking about.

Looking for a Puckleberry Fic

I am looking for a story where Puck/Rachel and Quinn/Sam were together. Sam dies and Puck sleeps with Quinn while they were grieving. Rachel catches them and leaves town. She comes back to Lima when her father is sick or injured. Puck owns a restaurant and Quinn is a nurse. She had Sam's baby. Puck has a drinking problem.


I remember kurt and blaine broke up and kurt was datinf Sebastian and nick was dating some other guy...but then somehow kurt and nick got sent to rehab and blaine mom was the doctor and allowed jeff to visit nick and they got together.