April 21st, 2013


Specific Klaine BDSM Story

I've been going through lots of D/s recs recently and apparently forgot to save one I really loved.

Blaine is a sub at Dalton. Sebastian is one of the few doms (possibly a switch?). They are in a short-term contract. Kurt arrives at the school and handles Blaine better than Sebastian. It's Klaine endgame. It's not "Disguise our Bondage" by alura_embry, although I adore that one, too.

Thank you.

ETA: The story is "Braided" by MissBeizy and the link is in the comments.
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Hello all!

i was wondering if anyone knew of some stories about puck being pregnant. I'v read (and loved) Best of a Bad Thing and What Am I Waiting For by JooseBoxx as well as Ginger Tea and Apologies by PteraWaters and i was hoping for more. Any paring, rating, and i have no squicks, as long as its more than 5000 words and complete, please!