April 18th, 2013

College Kurt/Blaine with subplot Rachel betraying Kurt.

I'm looking for a fic I read recently, but don't remember if it's a new or older fic. It's a chapter fic. It's an AU where Kurt and Blaine met in college instead of high school. I think they met while Blaine signed up for a performing club that Kurt founded. While it's a Kurt/Blaine story, what I remember most is the sub-plot about Kurt and Rachel. In high school, Rachel betrayed Kurt during the NYADA auditions by knowingly giving him bad advice. Rachel got in and Kurt didn't so he's now attending a different college. Later Rachel wants to make up with Kurt and be friends again. She reveals that she hates NYADA because it's a school full of "Rachels" and she's now just a small fish in a big pond. She sees Kurt thriving in his school and even got the lead in his school musical (she saw the poster).

Thanks for any help.

Looking for New Direction (minus Kurt) bashing recs

I want to see fics where everyone in New directions , or at least most members, is bashed except Kurt. I would like those fics to center around Kurt if possible. They can be fantasy, i.e vampires/werewolves, seasonal au. They can just bash finn and Rachel or anyone. I just want to see bashing. Completed fics or updated regularly only and Happy endings if possible. I wouldn't mind slash as long as it features Kurt as center

Klaine, Carol walks in.

Hi, I’ve had this scene of this one fic stuck in my head for agesss and I can’t seem to find it so.

I’m pretty sure it was a multi-chaptered fic (probably on ff.net) and I remember the part where it was summer and Kurt and Blaine are lying on Kurt’s bed only in their underwear (I think Finn had stolen the fans) and they start fooling around for the first time when carol walks in holding a washing basket that she drops. I remember after this Blaine’s completely flustered and Kurt has to tell him ‘yes, put your pants back on before you go down stars’ or something like that. Also after Carol says she won’t tell Burt about this if Kurt doesn't tell Burt how much she’s going to spend on a dress?

Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about? And if you know which chapter it is. .
(and hopefully I got the tags right?)