April 1st, 2013


Found: Looking for a CrissColfer fic

Hi guys!

I need some help finding a CrissColfer fic I read few month ago.

I remember that Chris was 17 and had enough from Clovis, and goes to San Fransisco for a few days. I think he met Darren in a music store at night, and Darren shows him the city, and Chris met Darren's family at some point too. I remember a scene where they watching movies, and one of the movies was August Rush. I think at the end of the story Chris goes to San Fransisco again, to tell Darren that he will go to the University of Michigan in September.
Sound familiar?

Ps: Excuse me, if I made some mistakes, but Englis is not my native language.

FOUND: Silenced By the Night by MediumDripKlaine

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Specific fic search

Ahhhh so once again I have lost almost all my bookmarks. I managed to find most of what I remember having bookmarked, but I have a handful I can't find. And more than half that I can't remember and seventy thousand recs to read when I had time. So the fics I'm looking for:

1. [klaine] married/living together, Blaine finds his old Dalton blazer. Student!Blaine/Teacher!Kurt role play. I know a ruler was involved and potentially also ice. I also could have sworn it was by slightestwind on tumblr, but I wasn't able to find it. eta: not slightestwind. FOUND!

2. [klaine] gkm fill, bp!kurt, dom-y!blaine. both were into humiliation. I know Blaine controlled what underwear Kurt wore, and at one point Kurt was so turned on he was fucking himself on the gearstick in Blaine's car. FOUND!

3. [kurt, klaine] kurt gets corset piercings for his 18th birthday FOUND!

4. [klaine, nd boys] the night before Finn leaves for basic training, cock size contest that kurt wins. Klaine goes upstairs and blaine says 'my boyfriend has a prizewinning cock.' FOUND!

5. [klaine, puckleberry] Klaine amicably split, Hummelberry in NY, Blaine in California. Hummelberry find Puck bussing on a street corner and then Blaine says he hates being away from Kurt and moves in with Puckleberry and Kurt. Then they all sing Rent.

6. [rpf, crisscolfer] Darren overhears Chris, Ashley, and potentially Lea talking about Chris' virginity, and then Darren goes all idiot-y and then crisscolfer sex. FOUND!

7. [rpf, crisscolfer] took place right before Chris had to go to New York for the New York Festival (the one where he said that yes, Darren was a good kisser and that Darren had said Chris was totally McGonagall, if that helps), and Darren kind of accidentally maybe admitted to being in love with Chris? Also there was definitely Darren waking up with gross morning breath thinking "oh my god I'm a total celebrity." FOUND!