March 24th, 2013

Klaine online meeting

Hi, so I have been looking around for a Klaine fic I read recently like crazy, but I cannot find it for the life of me. I know it was on the glee kink meme and it's a WIP, but other than that I can't find it.

Basically what it is is that Kurt and Blaine meet on tumblr. Blaine lives in New York and Kurt in Lima. Both Blaine and Kurt are "tumblr famous" and Kurt recently reached 9000 followers, Blaine has a few more though I think. I'm pretty sure that blaine recommended that Kurt try out for the role of Tony at a playhouse in Westerville and Kurt recently got into NYADA, (I hope I'm not mixing fics up...) When I last read it, Kurt just landed in New York and was meeting Blaine for the first time, where Blaine tells Kurt that he loves him, (they already agreed to be boyfriends online, and their tumblr followers went nuts).

Does any one recognize this??? Thank you!!!

Different Kurt centric fanfics

Hi =) Just wondered if someone knew some fanfics that kinda fit into these categories:

1. Fics were Kurt is reeeeally strong, and I mean more psychologically strong, not physical (don't really care about paring, as long as it isn't Finn/Kurt... or Burt/Kurt if it isn't bromance or fatherly love).

2. This is kinda the opposite if the first one, but I want to read some fics were Kurt is muscular, not biff, but he has a really hot body, with nice abs and arms (and so on). And it would be great if people were to be really surprised when they found out... or that the one Kurt's dating finds out and really likes it ;) (once again, don't really care about the paring, just as it isn't any finn/kurt or burt/kurt if it isn't bromance or fatherly love).

3. also wanna read fics were Kurt gives up on Blaine, like after the Jeremiah-thing, or after he kissed Rachel... and then Blaine realize just what he lost (can either end with Klaine, or any other paring (same thing here with the Finn and Burt thing).

4. fics that's really focusing on how amazing Kurt is.

5. fics were Kurts gets hurt by how much time Burt is spending with Finn. I want a lot of angst, but that Burt realizes or that Kurt can't take it any more, and tells his dad how he feels.

6. and finally, I'm looking for some Kurt/OC fics ^^ or with an character that he isn't paired with normaly, like Klaine, Puckurt, Sam/Kurt, Kurtofsky or Kurtbastian ^^ (aaaand no Finn and Burt thing here either!).

Thanks in advance! (Hope I've done ok with the tags)
KeepCalm|TotallyAwesome by debris_k

[mod] The 'genre: gen' tag: I don't think gen means what you think it means

Just a quick public announcement since I'm getting tired of replacing the gen tag on slash requests.

There are 4 what we at this comm dub 'genres', some or all might be familiar to all of you already, they are: gen, het, slash, and femslash.

Going last to first,
- femslash denotes female/female (f/f) romantic and or sexual relationships
- slash denotes male/male (m/m) romantic and or sexual relationships
- het, you guessed it, female/male or male/female (so: (f/m) or (m/f)) romantic and or sexual relationships
- and finally gen denotes the lack of romantic or sexual relationships of any kind (i.e. NO relationships other than platonic ones)

So gen in the context of 'genre: gen' does NOT stand for 'general', as in 'recs' (wtf, while I'm at it, recs is short for recommendations, if you're looking for that maybe use a word that says what you mean?) or anything you feel like, or whatever.

Gen stands for "no icky non-platonic feels here pls! none!1!!" And that's it.

Thus, if you have a search in which you mention or ask for a pairing, ANY pairing, but DON'T ask for NO PAIRINGS as well, please don't use 'genre: gen' tag on it?

Thanks ever so much,

your hopefully soon to be grateful mod.

Klaine- marking, etc.

Hey guys, I'm looking for pretty much any fic with Klaine and marking. In particular I'm looking for ones where the markings/hickies/whatever are seen by friends or family.

Any discovery by family or friends of whatever sex life they have would also be appreciated.