March 11th, 2013

Specific Bodyguard!Blaine Fic

I'm looking for a specific bodyguard!Blaine fic that I read a while back. I'm going to preface this by saying that the fic I'm looking for is not "Not Like The Movies" although I've enjoyed that one as well.
I don't remember much, but the basic premise of the fic is that Kurt has been receiving threatening letters (?) and someone (either Rachel or his manager, I think) makes him hire a bodyguard. Blaine was working as a part-time bodyguard for Cooper and that's how Kurt's people find him. I remember lots of delicious pining and angst and Blaine keeping himself distant (calling Kurt Mr. Hummel) because he knows that if he lets him get close to Kurt he'll fall for him and their relationship needs to stay professional.
Any help finding this lovely fic would be much appreciated (:
EDIT: Ahhh, I'm such a loser, I found it pretty much right after I posted this.
To Shield and Protect by afterthenovels on
the world is simply unfair. by odd_one_a

Dave/Kurt Werewolves and Vampires

I'm looking for this fic that I used to read in It was Dave Karofsky's central, but most of the Glee cast was involved. It was about a city ruled by vampires and werewolves were like scum. People could tell between vampires and werewolves by the color of their eyes, and Dave was a werewolf but he pretended to be human because for some weird reason, he had human eyes. He helped other werewolves in the city and he hated vampired. He was raised by Burt, and Finn was his step brother. Dave meets Kurt, who happens to be a prostitute. Kurt was actually raised in the underground with the Vampires, because his mother was there for vampires to suck her blood. They did the same with Kurt, but Kurt left the Vampires. Blaine was very obsessed with Kurt and chased him around. The 'Lord' of the Vampires -who were very nasty people btw- was Jesse, and Quinn was his wife. Their sons were Blaine and Mike and Mike was like the 'good guy'. Quinn still had something with Puck, who was a cop along with Beiste. Santana was a Werewolf as well, she lived hiden and had a relationship with Rachel, who was a Vampire. What else... It was a great, long fic. I tried to look for it, but I couldn't find it for its summay or its lenght and it was such a great fic!
Can someone point me to it?

Warlock/Wizard Klaine recs?

I just read Dalton's School of Magic by GF-221b over on and I was wondering if anyone could rec me fics like that.

Basically, I was wondering if there were any fics in which Dalton is a Magic school. However, I do not like fics that are fused with Hogwarts, in which happenings like in Harry Potter happen to Blaine, Kurt, the Warblers etc etc. Hogwarts can exist or Harry Potter can be mentioned as books/films. Just no Harry Potter characters appearance.

For another example, I have read Welcome to Hogwarts by admiller and I absolutely loved it. So any fics like that would be welcome.

Looking for a specific kurtbastian

Hello! I'm looking for a specific kurtbastian fic. The only thing I can remember about it is at that at one point, Kurt gets sick with laryngitis and Sebastian, the Warblers, and Sam take care of him and it's basically a huge sleepover and afterwards they go to Ihop. It's not much to go on but yeah...