March 10th, 2013


Blaine depressed?

Any fic that came out of the breakup episode that shows that Blaine was actually suffering from depression or something, which is the real underlining cause for the cheating? I didn't like that they made Blaine a cheater out of no where.

It would be great it the fic showed his slow spiral downward and then maybe he becomes suicidal, or acts out in some way? Then of course Kurt can figure it out or whatever, and come back to help him.



I'm looking for some good Kurt/Sam/Santana fics. I've allready ready A Helping Hand and Triquetra by gleefulmusings, and I love them, so anyone know of some others? Would love some graphics as well as fics

*FOUND* Specific Fic Search- Kurt accused of fathering a baby with an older woman

I'm looking for a fic that I started reading a while ago and I don't remember how to find it. Kurt and Blaine are living together in NYC and they get a call to come to the police station in Lima. When they get there, they find out that the Lima police believe Kurt fathered a baby with an older woman; the woman claimed they had sex at a graduation party or some other party after Kurt's high school graduation. At first Kurt doesn't believe her story is possible, but then he's led to believe he might have been drunk and had non-consensual sex...? I honestly can't remember if he's being accused of forcing himself on the woman or if the woman is being accused of forcing herself on him, but I think it is the former situation. I didn't finish reading the fic so I don't know anything about what happens after that. Thanks!

Mods: I wasn't sure which theme tags were appropriate since I can't remember some of the details, so I tried to pick the ones that were the closest fit. If there is something that I missed which is closer to a law/legal theme, please feel free to correct my post. I apologize for any errors I might have made, this is my first time posting!
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Hockey Player Blaine: General Search


Semi-recently, I've read a couple of fics with Blaine as a hockey player or ex-hockey player.

If there's a pairing, I'd like it to be Kurt/ Blaine.

I was wondering if anyone had any recs with this.

Mods, I'm sorry if my tags are wrong. Please correct me, if they are, so I can fix them!

Thanks, all, in advance!