March 8th, 2013


*Found*Searching for Specific Kurt/Sam Story

I believe in the story everyone was either a dominant or submissive (or something similar). Sam was a Sub who had a past relationship with Quinn that finished with him ending the relationship (which was a big deal). He immediately took Santana as his dominant after, but she didn't seem fully invested in him (too busy having fun times with Brittany). Kurt is a Dominant that would love to have him as a sub and take care of him properly. Kurt/Sam End Game.

I read it not too long ago, but now I don't know where I went.I feel like it's on the tip of my tongue, but i must be looking over it.
Thanks to all who help!

Found! Cherish is the Word I'd Use by valiant

Searching for deleted G!p fic dub/con or non/con


LF Klaine AU

Hi all!
There was a story on that I adored and favorited andwent back to read only to discover it was missing!! Does anyone know what happened to Needles and Thread by msslss?? Even the author account is gone. :(
Any help would be appreciated!

Looking for recs for Kurt fics

I'm looking for fics with Kurt (or Chris) and any male but Karofsky where one of them is famous and one isn't and they meet and become friends and (ideally) get together at some point.