February 18th, 2013

Long Klaine stories with Rachel/ND bashing

I'm searching for Klaine fictions where Kurt finally confronts the member of ND and Will about the was they have been treating him and he bullying esp. Finn and Rachel bashing .
I'm also looking for Kurt-centric stories where he leaves WMHS for a while and returns a completely different (more confident in himself-doesn't take crap from anybody ..................etc)

Kurt Blaine 4x14

So I'm looking for any fic that follows 4x14 that has Blaine upset by Kurt's treatment of him. Anything where Blaine calls Kurt on his blase treatment of Blaine's feelings and/or breaks things off between them for his own good, because the way Kurt is treating him is breaking his heart.
I would prefer Klaine endgame, but I don't care if the breakup is permanent either. Just no Blaine/anyone else.
Thankyou in advance for any replies!

P.S. This is my first time posting, so I'm sorry if I didn't get the tags right, please let me know :)

Kurt forgotten


I am looking for some recs where Kurt is forgotten by his family, Burt, ND, or the warblers. And by forgotten I mean like they don't pay attention to him anymore, they no longer listen to him, forget about important things, don't concider him as a true member of the group and go on...you know, the angst and Hurt/Comfort ones!

thank you in advance!:)

Klaine discusses events of BIOTA and Sexy.

I'm looking for some fics in which Kurt lays out the damage that Blaine does to his self-esteem in BIOTA and Sexy. I mean despite being told point blank that Kurt is into him and supposedly not wanting to "mess things up" Blaine first dates one of Kurt's best friends and then basically says that he dosen't find Kurt sexy/attractive. Don't get me wrong I love Klaine, but I would like to see Blaine clean up the emotional mess he makes. I don't really care when in the series to conversation takes place, but I do want a happy ending. Thank-you in advance for any suggestions.

P.S. This is my very first livejournal post ever so I apologize if I did any thing wrong or rude.