February 16th, 2013


2 fics:Santana and Brittany help Kurt (sexy or seductive) & dance routine by mike, tina, kurt & brit

Kurt wants to have an amazing first time with Blaine so he decides to go to Santana and Brittany for help.
-I think this was just one part of a multi-chaptered fic.
-Santana uses cherry(?) popsicles to teach Kurt and they take pictures and post it on facebook (Of course Blaine sees)
-Kurt is already in Dalton by the time this happens.
FOUND! A-Moment-of-Serendipity
Can anyone help me?

Also there's another fic I'm looking for. I think as a protest (sort of what's wrong with love, any kind of love gay or straight shouldn't matter) Mike, Tina, Kurt and Brittany make a video that they choreograph showing the two pairs dancing (mike and Tina, Kurt and brittany) then slowly Mike and Kurt start dancing together before being pulled apart and dancing again with the girls. The video gets a lot of hits in youtube.


Blaine has a fetish for Kurt's thighs

I am looking for a fic where Blaine and Kurt start getting sexual and the first thing Blaine does is fuck Kurt's thighs. Then, even when they have been doing sexual things for a while, Blaine still likes fucking Kurt's thighs the best. At first Kurt doesn't get much out of it, then he eventually gets used to it. But one day Kurt gets mad with Blaine wanting to fuck his thighs and basically shames Blaine for his kink. They make up but then Blaine is scared to fuck Kurt's thighs. I think there is a scene where Kurt maneuvers Blaine into doing it but Blaine cries after he is done. Then Kurt does some research and finds out how common the kink is, he feels bad and apologizes to Blaine. I don't know if it was a multi-part fic or not, but I think so. I also think it wasn't on fanfiction.net or anything like that, I'm pretty sure it is on someone's live -journal account or something similar. Please help!!!!