February 15th, 2013


Kurtofsky Hurt/Comfort Fics

I'm looking for any and all fics that feature Kurt/Karofsky and some good old hurt/comfort. I'd prefer if they were established-relationship already, but I'm also good with them being friends who become more. I'm just looking for any car accident, hospital, illness, injury, etc. fics where either Kurt are Dave are hurt and the other is there for them, preferably not about Dave's suicide attempt. I've read a few hurt/comfort Kurtofsky amnesia fics, but if there's anything else that doesn't include amnesia out there, I'd love to know about it, though more of those are okay too. He-can't-die-I-love-him angst, fluff, life affirming sexy times, and happy endings are more than welcome. Thanks in advance.

Mods: This is my first time posting, I tried to get tags right but if I didn't, I'd be more than happy to fix them, just let me know.

Klaine Tearjerker Fics?

Kinda vague I know but I'm trying to find any Klaine fics that are really angst-y and emotional. Call me a masochist but I love fics that make me cry! What inspired this search was stories like andercas's "If I Die Young" and songbird's "Dismantle the Sun". Any and all suggestions are most welcome!! Thanks in advance :)