February 13th, 2013

Blaine is just all in Kurt's head...or is he?

I'm looking for a one-shot Kurt/Blaine. I think it was written pretty recently. I think it starts with Kurt skyping with Burt and he's acting like Blaine is in the room with him, but Burt doesn't see anyone and is concerned. Pretty soon, family and friends think Kurt either made up Blaine or that he's going nuts. Until one day, a new boy walks into the glee classroom and knows Kurt. But how is is possible that he knows Kurt? After all, Blaine's been in the hospital this whole time...

I may be mixing up two fics, but if I am, they have the same/similar plot.


D/S world, Kurt pretends to be a dom, Blaine offers to submit.

Hi! Desperately searching for a fic that ISN'T the one that has Tina, Jeff and Sue and some others working at a toy store, and Kurt pretends to be a dom, and Blaine takes him to a reunion thing e.t.c (I thinks its called something like That's Not Me, I really can't remember off the top of my head! But there are some similarities in what I'm looking for. >Kurt does not tell Blaine he's a sub, but Blaine's really in love with him so offers to submit, I remember the scene being on a couch, and I think a collar is involved? This might be a mix from the other fic but I think there might've been a dinner scene where a dom was treating his sub badly and Blaine stepped in. I hope someone knows what I'm on about, (sorry there's so little info) this is driving me crazy! Thanks in advance!