February 11th, 2013

Looking for a fic where Kurt/Chris adopts a cat from the animal shelter Blaine/Darren works at

I can't remember if it's Kurt/Blaine or Chris/Darren, but it's definitely AU. Basically, Kurt/Chris adopts a cat that Blaine/Darren suggests, but the cat hides under the bed for days. He finally gets worried and calls Blaine/Darren, who had given him his number, to help him coax the cat out and make sure it's not starving or something. That's really all I remember, other than that I really enjoyed it and that they get together.
Sebastian Smythe, Grant Gustin

I'm looking for a few different things

1.  Blaine being Italian/speaking Italian, preferably Klaine, but not required

2.  Fics that have Kurt getting revenge on someone, fics that have Kurt being clever and devious 

3.  Kurt being fluent in French, any ship but Furt

4.  Fics where the members of ND find out Kurt and Dave Karofsky are friends and don't approve

Thanks in advance guys!  

Kurt has enough!

Searching for fics where Kurt finallly has enough of Blaine not caring about him and running after Jeremiah, Rachel. And Rachel trying to get her claws in another guy he likes. and others not caring as well. so he gets pissed and its time to payback...Fabously of course!!