February 9th, 2013

Burt not so accepting

hi I'm looking for any fics where Burt does not or struggles to accept Kurt's sexuality I've already read you can't choose and oh father, where art thou. i don't want stories where there's a argument that get cleared up within the next paragraph, i want long drawn out angst between father and son and maybe even involving Finn and Carole.

This is my first tie posting so i hope i have done this right, Thanks in advance :)
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Looking for a fic where kurt is stabbed! FOUND IT!

Hello there! I looking for a fanfiction I read a while ago about kurt being stabbed in Mckinley, some jocks do it a let him die there. Santana and Brittany help him. Later in the fic he is transfered to Dalton and everyone there is curious about him and invent some rumors about why he is there. I think Blaine was there trying to help him too.
I'll be really gartefull for your kindness
Please help me to find it! Also, I'm new here if i don't put the right tags please help me.