February 8th, 2013


Specific search - School Dance, Zero Tolerance Bullying; Abuse of OC by OC;

Ok, I give up and try your brains now ;D

1. Protests at a school dance - Finn jumps on stage and asks if they want a Zero Tolerance Bullying Policy. I have no idea about pairings - unfortunately.

Found: Always Shout Fire by AshtakRa Puck/Kurt minor Sam/Blaine

2. Girl (Cheerio?) gets abused by her boyfriend (Hockey-Player?) and one of the Glee guys (Mike, Matt, Dave, Puck ?) got a friend (Football-Player?) who is in love with her. He (Glee guy) introduces them to each other (Hey, do you know ...., he has 3,4,5 (?) sisters and knows how to treat a lady..)

Found: It's Not What You Say [It's the Way That You Say It] by JooseBoxx.
Puck writes the advice column in the school paper and that's how he finds out that the girl is abused by her boyfriend. It also deals with someone stalking Kurt. Puckurt

Hopefully someone knows those fics - it's driving me crazy that I can't remember pairings and I'm all out of ideas how to search for them.

(I hope I got the tags right?)
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Mechanic!Kurt in NY setting

Hey guys, I know mechanic!Kurt is an old kink, one that's been explored many times by many wonderful authors. I know I've read lots of great fics where Kurt amazes his McKinley friends or the Warblers or even just Blaine by his secret ninja mechanic skills, so I was wondering if there were any new fics out there?

Specifically I'm wondering if there are any fics that take place in New York? It could involve Kurt and Isabelle and a mechanical emergency where Kurt wows his Vogue coworkers with his abilities. Or it could involve NYADA is some way, or even Adam.

I'm not picky about the pairings (if there are any, though I am partial to Klaine), but I'd just like to see anything happen. I know Vogue and NYADA ppl would be even more stunned by Kurt's skills than his Ohio peeps.

Looking for klaine foster parents

It is a klaine story on ff.net. in it Finn is a social worker and I think Blaine is a doctor. Blaine finds a girl outside in the snow. Finn lets klaine fosters her. Then they end up with the girls half siblings also due to them being abused. I can't remember if it is complete.

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Searchin for spefic Klaine fic collection Blaine as singer has fangirls

Hi out there I read a fanfic collection of oneshots and there was one chapter
when Kurt and Blaine are going to a concert where Blaine performs. Kurt is in the crowd while Blaine
is on stage and I think he overhears some girls talking about how awesome Blaines voice is.
After the show he waits for Blaine off stage and shows the girls that he belongs to him :)
Hope anyone knows what I mean.

I thank you for replays in advance. :)

Thanks to klainefan4ever I found the right one :)))
It's here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7131865/16/Missed-Opportunities