February 3rd, 2013

  • murgy31

Klaine fic post Break-up fic

Hi all!

I am looking for a fic where Kurt and Blaine go back to being friends, and they skype and talk on the phone every Tuesday or something like that. At one point I think they even ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was a multi chapter fic I believe, and also on Fanfiction.net. If anyone knows this fic, please link me. It's driving me crazy. Thanks!

Klaine fic where one works in a store that sells yarn (for knitting)

I need help to find a Klaine fic..

So does anyone know of a fic where either Blaine or Kurt (I don’t remember which one was it was in this story) work in a knitting/yarn store and the other one is learning to knit and comes into the store to buy yarn. He ends up knitting in the store so Kurt/Blaine can help him with the knitting where he has problems&hellip

This might not be enough to go on, I know, but I have searched for this fic for ages, because I forgot to bookmark it, and it’s driving me insane… If anyone can help, I’d be forever grateful ‘cause I’d like to read it again.. ;)

Set Me Free and Life & Times at Dalton Academy

Hello all!  I am trying to find two glee fanfictions.  One is Writersfable's Set Me Free and the other is, I do not know the author's name, called Life & Times at Dalton Academy.  They were deleted from Fanfiction.net and I am wondering if they were moved or permanently deleted.  If they were moved, can someone provide a link or links to their new location or locations?  Thanks!

Stories about background/extra characters?

I'm searching for stories written about unnamed characters in Glee -- the characters in the background that seldom have names.  I can think of two so far: The One In Pink by rainbowrites, and Pour the Drinks and Crush the Flowers by knittycat99.  (Both are awesome, btw.)  Any others?