February 2nd, 2013

glee finders by debris_k

[mod] New tag: Kurt/Sebastian

Hi everyone,

Just a quick heads up that I've started sorting out the Sebastian/other pairing tag, and have so far made a new related pairing tag: pairing: Kurt/Sebastian! \o/ yayz1eleventy and so on.

I'm still sorting posts and adding them to the new tag so please be patient with this brand new WIP tag. In the meantime you're free to use it for your new searches. :-)

Thank you for understanding even mods need to sleep sometime!

Mpreg & Carole Bashing

~I'm looking for Klaine fics about Kurt being pregnant and no one believe him.

~I'm also looking for Klaine fics about Carole not a good person to Kurt because he is gay or whatever reason for her to hate Kurt.

~Happy Ending
~No Klaine Death
~Carole Bashing
glee finders by debris_k

[mod] More tagging changes

To keep the number of tags down and their usage up I've consolidated a couple of existing pairing tags so Artie/Puck and Artie/Kurt, as well as all other Artie pairings, are now under pairing: Artie/other.

Reminder: you can sort searches by a specific pairing even if there's no tag for it, provided it's been searched for, by combining two /other pairing tags, e.g. Artie/other + Puck/other, Artie/other + Kurt/other. If only one of the characters from the pairing has an /other tag then the pairing you're after will be listed only under that one tag (if it's been searched for already, natch).

There's also a new theme tag, unrequited: for all your one sided, pining and UST related needs. :-)

I'll also be adding in the next few days 'theme: misunderstanding' and 'theme: character bashing'; stay tuned.

Help finding more posts for these three new themes would be muchly appreciated!

Stay awesome,

your mod.
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ghost!blaine klaine fanfic

Hey, I'm trying to find a klaine fanfic please help?? Kurt and blaine have never met but they bump into eachother at the mall and think nothing of it but then on the news kurt discovers (whilst with mercedes and rachel) that blaine killed himself (shot himself in his room) and blaine like comes to help kurt? And they start falling for eachother and blaine meets another ghost who's a man who is in love with sebastians grandma?? Also azimo is dating blaines sister xxx


I'm looking for Klaine fics about Blaine cheated on Kurt with a girl or before dating Kurt, Blaine start dating a girl because he think he may be straight or bi or Blaine broke up with Kurt for a girl and it break Kurt's Heart. It can be any girls or the girls from new directions.

~Happy Ending with Klaine together.
~No Klaine Death.


Whats the title of a fic where Pucks dad comes into the schoo and stabs Blaine. Kurt and Karofsky are with Blaine. Blaine is then in hospital and Puck comes and gives him a really sweet apology. Kurt and Blaine then go to New York (i think...) Please let me know!