February 1st, 2013


Post-Scandals incident, protective!everyone

So, this is a somewhat weird request, but I'm looking for any fics anyone can recommend that happen after that infamous car scene in The First Time, in which anyone in Kurt's life reacts to Blaine's actions with violence of any kind (mild or more severe, either way). It really could be anyone, Burt or Finn, or Santana maybe, or even Karofsky. Anybody at all.

And the more stories of this kind I can find, the happier I will be.


Klaine specific fic - rimming + angst

Hi. I'm looking for a fic I've read a while ago and I can't find it now. I remember a few scenes. Kurt and Blaine are having sex and Blaine goes down on Kurt and he accidentally licks his ass. Kurt really likes it but is ashamed of it and is afraid that if Blaine finds out that he likes it, he'll break up with him. It takes Kurt a while to let Blaine blow him again and when he does, Blaine rims him again. Kurt is feeling incredibly guilty. There is a lot of angst and crying and stuff but in the end they talk about it and everything ends up being ok. I would be thrilled if somebody helped me find it.

Disapproving-of-Kurtbastian! Burt

Hey guys!

This is my first post here... Actually it's my first post on livejournal, ever!

Anyways I'm looking for this one- shot I read a while ago, it was a Kurt/ Sebastian fic. Kurt and Sebastian had just gotten engaged and Kurt was calling Burt to tell him the news before remembering that he and Burt hadn't spoken for years because he disapproved of their relationship. They did meet up eventually and it was all very happy tear- y.

I really hope someone out there knows this fic, I loved it and I really want to read it again!

Also, sorry if I messed up the tags in any way, I tried to get them all in there!