January 27th, 2013

Kurt Fic w/ Furt & pre-Klaine

I am looking for a story I found on fanfiction.net a while back. Kurt gets hurt and somehow it comes out that he isn't happy at Dalton. He feels like Blaine and Warblers are trying to make him blend in, (by telling him not to try so hard, maybe?) exactly what he was trying to get away from. Finn goes and confronts the Warblers. Blaine goes to Kurt's house to talk to him. I think Kurt gets a piece of glass in his foot and ends up needing crutches. When Blaine visits Kurt, it is at the Hudmel house.

Kurt/Blaine + Dark!Warblers Hurt/Comfort, Blaine undressed, tied, and blindfolded

I remember a story, which I think was on the Kink Meme, where the Warblers tied and blindfolded (I think) Blaine and presented him to Kurt as his own warbler. I think they even told Kurt to have sex with Blaine. Kurt takes Blaine back to his room, and Blaine is shaking in fear because he believes Kurt is actually going to force sex on him in that state, and Kurt convinces Blaine he was just removing him from the rest of the Warblers for his own protection, that he'd never do that to Blaine, and procedes to comfort Blaine. I've tried for an hour with the GKM Pinboard, but with no luck. Does anyone recognize this story from the few details I've provided? Many thanks in advance!

*Edit: Found by the awesome scififreaker http://glee-angst-meme.livejournal.com/4263.html?thread=7315367
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Kurt/Blaine: Kurt has a brain tumor

I'm looking for a Klaine fic, an AU where they are older and Kurt is a painter and he has a brain tumor and he meets Blaine... somehow. Hopefully this is specific enough for someone to help me out! I read it a while ago and can't remember too many details.

Kurt/Blaine fic about college and the year spent apart FOUND!

Looking for a fic where Kurt and Blaine were together and ended up getting a condo that I think was in New York???  They had fun gay neighbors who gave them furniture and housed some of the glee kids when they came for Nationals.  At one point, Kurt was restoring old junker cars in the garage to help him from missing Blaine so much.

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FOUND!  Thank you so much for the quick response!
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FOUND! Looking for Kurt and Blaine age gap fic

So there was a fic I read a while back where Blaine is a lot older, like maybe almost 50 (or around there) and Kurt is around 20, and it takes place at a wedding, I think of one of Blaine's nephews or nieces, and Blaine has children from a previous marriage and they're at the wedding and they talk to Kurt.  I don't THINK it's one of Blaine's kids getting married.  A lot of Blaine's family (not his kids) are judgmental of his and Kurt's relationship, and then right at the end Kurt whispers in Blaine's ear (just an allusion to their daddy!kink they have going on) and Blaine's like "gah you can't do this to me right now we have to stay here" and I think there's maybe past sex sort of interspersed but I can't remember.  Thank you in advance if you can help me out!
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Kurt at Dalton, Plays Soccer

I'm looking for a story that is on ff.net and is around 7 chapters long. All that I remember is that Kurt plays soccer and after one of the games there is a video released on youtube of him and Blaine kissing and gatorade, or water, being poured on them.

Another part of the story I remember is either Wes or David told their dad what happened at McKinley and were trying to convince Kurt to press charges, but he said no because it would take money away from art programs. Can anyone help me?

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