January 15th, 2013

The roads, Casual

fic search

I'm looking for a fic, and I'm not sure of the pairing or anything, there is really just one scene I remember, Someone (I think it's Sebastian) had given Kurt some bruises on his arm by holding him a little to hard (by accident), and as he pulls up the the shirt to look at it, he sees bruises Kurt got at McKinley. And he asks something like: "Is that from your old school?"


Okay, so it hasn't been that long since my last plea for help. My bad. Just had some thoughts and wanted to see if someone else's google-fu is better than mine.

1 - What if, in season 1, Kurt crushes on Puck instead of Finn? Could be b/c of sex appeal or could be b/c Puck decides being a bully isn't being a badass. Or maybe Puck was only in w/the bullies to protect Kurt. Kinda like a double-agent kind of thing. Checking the dumpster beforehand so that there's no glass or metal. Making sure Kurt doesn't hit his head going in. Changing the plan from squick=fluid balloons to pee-balloons. Stuff like that. Maybe?

2 - Puck decides to be nice to Kurt or apologize formally/publically to Kurt b/c he finds out about the pink triangles during the Holocaust and feels bad? Or something like the snippet 'Piece of Paper' where he saves Kurt mostly by accident.

3 - Are there any stories where Puck ends up with Beth? Where he doesn't sign or fights for her or someone reminds him that he as rights as a father that Quinn has no say in? Prefer Puck w/Kurt (no, really?_) ) and never, ever w/Shelby b/c the age difference thing makes me flinch for the Puckster. How do those cougars not end up arrested for soliciation of a minor or ..... (rant, rant, rant)

Anyway, any help you can give would be awesome. No non-con or death fic (except maybe Shelby or Mrs. Puckerman) Thank you very much.

Klaine in car outside of scandals, Blaine goes a little too far....

I am looking for a short fan fiction that may be a one-shot but I'm not sure. It is basically about what would happen if Blaine didn't stop. Kurt doesn't get raped or anything but I think there was some grinding and masturbation. It's non-con but nothing too extreme, Kurt ends up only getting some bruises. Blaine wakes up not remembering what happened and calls Kurt but Kurt refuses to answer. The story ends with Kurt meeting Blaine at a park and telling Blaine about what happened the night before, Blaine promises to never drink again and to spend the rest of his life making it up to Kurt.

Specific WIP

I am looking for a story, I know it's on fanfiction, that has Blaine being ignored by ND. I remember Santana being slushied and Mr. Shue yelling at Blaine to go away even though Blaine was bleeding. Any help with this would be awesome.
Another one is Burt walks in on Kurt and Blaine and ends up throwing Blaine through a vanity or something. This was also a WIP and on fanfiction.

Also, any stories, LJ or otherwise, where Blaine is gettong bullied by ND, ND realizes Blaine isn't really as he seems, or any where Blaine has scars and ND finds out by Blaine going into a pool.

Any help would be awesome!