January 12th, 2013

blaine prom

Hogwarts!Glee with Blaine as exchange student (?), also: recs??

Soo, this is probably going to be a little vague, I'm sorry about that. Sadly, I don't remember that much.

It was story I read on LJ (I think) quite a while ago.

I think pretty much all the glee characters were magical and at Hogwarts. Blaine was with a group of students from the Philippines that I think had to attend Hogwarts for a while because of a natural disaster? I do remember oe younger girl from this group using only femle pronouns for everybody and people getting mad about it until Blaine explains that there is only one kind of personal pronoun in tagalog (not sure if this is correct, I hope I'm not mixing things up...)

As far as I remember, it was a Klaine story.

I don't really remember more and sadly I lost all of my bookmarks when my old laptop crashed...

I'd also like recs for other Hogwarts!Glee fics, if anyone would like to give me those :)

unrequited love finn likes kurt, klaine & finchel

I'm looking for a fic that's told in multiple POVs and chapters- each chapter shows the Point of view of one Character, the POV's are Kurt, Rachel and Blaine (I'm not really sure if Finn has one).
Finn slowly begins falling in love with Kurt and the story shows how each character deals with it. It's also a story of how Rachel finds out that Finn is falling for Kurt and how Kurt and Blaine are dealing with it.
The main scene showed by different POV's is Rachel going to the Hudmels to hangout and she realizes that Finn likes Kurt (has more than platonic feelings for him) by seeing his interactions with Kurt and how he treats Blaine.

HELP.....Looking for some Fanfics that disappeared from FanFiction.Net

Hi I'am Looking for some Fanfics that disappeared from FanFiction.Net... If you help me to get them back I will thank you forever I really I missed this fanfics

1. it a  sebastian&puck and it Called "your kind of pretty"  
When I try to access it writes "Story Not Found.Unable to locate story. Code 1.......
And I have no idea what it is supposed to mean. the story is about puck been Bulimic 
 sebastian find out and tries to help him.

2 puckurt called "Reunion " the same problem When I try to access it writes "Story Not Found.Unable to locate story. Code 1....... . its glee reunion ans the guys Play a game of which child belonged to whom. Puck and Kurt have 10 children, but no one knows they  married at all and therefore takes full time until the rest of guys especially Rachel discover that the children belong to puck and kurt.

Sorry for English .... not my first language

Teacher!kurt fic recs?

I know it's been a recent fandom thing to write fics with teacher!Blaine but I can't seem to find any with teacher!kurt and was hoping some of you might be able to help.

I'm open to anything as long as there isn't character death. Thanks for the help in advance!

(Mods, I tagged what I thought fit the search but I may have missed some.)