January 9th, 2013

Famous Kurt

Okay I read this one a while back, and I'm kicking myself for not bookmarking it. I am pretty positive it was on Fanfiction. Anyways in the story Kurt and Blaine are best friends, and no one other than Burt and Finn know Kurt is famous. Kurt uses Chris Colfer as a his stage name. Kurt and Blaine had some problems in the story because Kurt had to constantly cancel their plans because 'Chris' had somewhere to be. In the story Sebastian is also famous and is Chris' best friend and I forget why but Chris and Sebastian pretend to date(I think Kurt and Blaine are dating by now it is endgame Klaine) also at one point Blaine comes to visit Kurt and Sebastian answers the door, and while telling Blaine no one by the name of Kurt lives there. Kurt comes to the door cue everyone being confused Blaine is calling him Kurt and Sebastian is calling him Chris, so Kurt tells Blaine the truth.I really wanna read this again so if someone can find this for me I will be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance!(:


I think I read it on lj, but it's one where Kurt is badboy!blaine's teacher and blaine is actually nineteen and Kurt's twenty. Kurt I thinbk was bullied in high school cause he skipped a bunch of grades and graduated college and stuff early. Kurt is a virgin and eventually Blaine goes to his apartment and he takes it but then gets scared and doesn't speak to him for two weeks.

Do they exist?

Hello. I was wondering if there are any stories that fit what I would like to read?

1 = Are there any AU for first season where Jesse St. James decides the best way to 'befriend' Rachel is to become Kurt's boyfriend? Preferably where Kurt sees thru him? Maybe Sue threatens JSJ not to mess w/her Cheerio?

WHich leads to my next search......

2 - Are there any AU or missing scene fics where Sue is a mentor to Kurt? I've read one where she comes back from Nationals (1st season) and decides he's her protege. In fact, I think that's the title of the fic?

3 - Are there any fics where Kurt realizes how socially powerful he really is? That he has the Cheerios/popular kids, nerds, glee/theatre/music kids, football (he did win their only game), and gearheads/mechanic/car nuts??

No non-con, please, and no Finn/Kurt in a romantic sense. Prefer strong and independent Kurt (like in the story Metamorphis) and please, please only complete fics or fics that update regularly.

Kurt/Finn Reunion

  1. All i really remember about this story is that the glee clyb and Mr. Schue all meet up years later, at breadstix i think, and they are all talking and i think Mr. Schue asked Finn how him and Rachel were doing and Finn and Kurt reveal that they are engaged. Please help me, thank you's in advance(:
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"Duets" episode

looking for any fics dealing with the aftermath of conversation Kurt has with both Finn(about singing with Sam and the no means no) and his father. just need a little more angst then they showed in the episode or maybe Kurt stands up for himself a little more.

any help is appreciated:)
hope i included the right tags!