December 26th, 2012


Looking for fic with use of rubberband

Could anyone recommend fic with the use of rubberbands for punishment- by snapping them on palms/feet/etc? Rubberbands should be used mainly for punishment rather than for sexual purposes. Any pairing! 

I've read The Education and C+, but I'm looking for more along the same vein (:

If not, more generalized painplay would also be good. Thanks! 

Young Kurt

Hey people! So i wanna read stories where Kurt is younger than the other glee members. Maybe he he skipped a couple grades and is like 14 while the others are 17 or something, or maybe they are all the same age group, but Kurt is the youngest of them all. As long as Kurt is younger than most if not all of the glee people i'll be happy :) 

I'm Happy with any type of story, but i perfer angsty Kurt and Hurt/Comfort Kurt. But i'd be happy with humor and romance and stuff to :)

Thanks In Advance!


Hey, I'm looking for a Klaine fic in which Kurt thinks he's straight until Blaine appears in his neighboorhood. They don't like each other at first but then they kiss and start dating but decide to keep their romance a secret because Kurt's family is very religious. I remember that Kurt isn't used to the idea of being in love with a boy. Then Blaine is forced to join the army and he dies there. It's set in 1980 or something like this.
Thanks in advance :)