December 21st, 2012

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Looking for a break-up fic

I just read it recently but can't remember what it's called.  Kurt and Blaine both go to New York, but Blaine isn't happy and he ends up going to school in San Francisco instead.  They end up breaking up but still being friends, and then Kurt goes and visits him and they have sex.  Then they're in Ohio and Burt almost walks in on them fooling around on the couch, and then Kurt sort of gets really mad and they stop talking to each other, but then they make up and Kurt ends up moving to San Francisco.  If you can help me I will shower you with gratitude and ponies.

Rachel bullied

Hi, just stolen my friends laptop so that i can ask if you can find me a fic that a read a while ago and now i cant find it anywhere, i can only remember a few details, i hope that it is enough

-Rachel is getting bullied, I think that it is by the new directions
-i think Mr Schue takes them on a trip somewhere and all the girls have to stay in one room and i dont think any of them want Rachel there
-rachel might have gotten hurt
-i think Rachel wandered out into the night and there may have been some form of storm and people starting worrying when she didnt come back think she may freeze

Sorry its so vague if anyone knows this fic thankyou!!! Also if anyone has any good fics where Rachel is getting bullied by the new direction please let me know

thanks, i best give my friend her laptop back as she is giving an angry look as she has been without the internet for a week lol.

Specific Fic Search! Burt is Kurt's Uncle...

Technically, this story is on AO3, but it's not finished on there and I KNOW  it's finished somewhere else because I've read it. :)
It's called 'Oh Father' and Burt is Kurts uncle.  Kurts mother dies and his father is very abusive, physically and sexually.  Burt finds Kurt after his father attacks him and his father goes missing.  He turns up at McKinley and forces Kurt to do stuff in front of the Glee club.  Any help would be great.  I'm apparently too impatient to wait for her to update her AO3 account....