December 17th, 2012


Kurt draws for a newspaper, Blaine is a barman/waiter?

Hi, I'm sorry I remember little of the content but I do remember it was a fic that had very beautiful drawings made by Kurt who worked under an alias at a newspaper. I don't want to spoil the ending if you haven't read it because it's quite beautiful.

ETA: Found! Thanks pyro_semi it's "Not The Boy Next Door" found here

Finn asks Blaine about Kurt being a drama queen

I can't find this fic and to be honest it was only one I skimmed and then thought I bookmarked to read later...apparently I didn't :\

I know I read it on FF'n but I don't know if it's on another site or not. I think each chapter was kind of drabble-ish, like each one conditioned with the 'verse but was based off a prompt or word.

One of the chapters that I remember most is Finn, Kurt, and Blaine being at the Hudmel house. When Kurt went into the kitchen Finn asked Blaine how he dealt with being in a relationship with a drama queen - I think Finn was having problems with Rachel or something. Anyway Kurt heard and he got upset....and that's all I remember.

I know it isn't much but if you know what this is I would love you forever

**I'm not sure about the theme tags so I'm just doing them for the chapter I read - not fic as a whole

Klaine/CrissColfer Tattoo/Piercing Recs?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone had recs of fics involving Kurt, Blaine, Darren or Chris getting a tattoo or a piercing. I've just finished my gazillionth read of oncetwiceforevr's Sunset and Vine 'verse (here, here and here) and can't get Kurt and Blaine's tattoos out of my head. I'm particular to Klaine and CrissColfer in terms of pairings, but don't mind gen RPF or Sebklaine fics. I also don't mind AU fic or PWP, but love the idea of something a bit longer and perhaps set in the future of canon. Thank you so much for any recs in advance!

Kurtbastian, Blaine asks Kurt to pretend to be his boyfriend while on vacation with friends

So I was reading this really awesome fic but I forgot to bookmark it and now I can’t seem to find it again. This is what I can remember…

All the ND and Sebastian were living in New York. Blaine has invited everyone to come meet his family in the Philippines (? I think ?) but in order to make his grandpa accept/be proud of him he told him that he and Kurt were still dating. Blaine comes to Kurt’s apartment at like 3AM and asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend while they are on vacation. Sebastian refuses to go because he doesn't want to watch them act "together" but Santana convinces him. Nobody knows that he and Kurt are getting close and they are all hoping that this will actually bring Klaine back together. When they get there, there is something about Kurt and Sebastian talking on the veranda in the morning and watching a couple of monkeys go at it (i know totally random).

I think there's been like 3 chapters and Blaine narrates much of the story (something like how he helped get them together)

Anyways…if anyone has any idea where to find this I would love you forever :)