December 9th, 2012

Elf, Christmas, Klaine, Klainemas

Werewolf!Klaine FanFiction

Does anybody know the werewolf!Klaine FanFiciton where Blaine and Kurt are from two separate packs have an arranged marriage/courship/mating and Kurt is none too pleased?

And the only time he met Blaine prior to the pack meeting is when Blaine and his Grandfather came to his Mom's funeral. And then Blaine's dad is a total douche and an awful pack leader and Blaine is attempting to overthrow him. And then Kurt goes to live with Blaine, etc.

Specifically there's this one scene where Kurt and Blaine secretly go around delivering Christmas presents to Blaine's pack who can't afford presents because women pack members aren't allowed to work.

I'm pretty sure the story was rated M/NC-17 but I'm not sure. And I have no idea what website it was on.