December 5th, 2012

Broken Blaine

Looking for recs where Blaine is a mess after the break up with Kurt, anything where he's in emotional pain, stops eating, self harms because of the guilt, or missing kurt etc.

I really want stories with a happy ending, where Kurt and Blaine get back together in the end.

Blaine/Daughter Abusive Relationship

I am looking for a fic that was about Blaine and his daughter taking refuge from his abusive husband in a hotel where Kurt is working. At some point in the story, Blaine and his daughter are forced to move to Kurt's house from protection because Blaine's husband finds them. Any help would be great!

Kurt's reaction to cheating

I'm looking for any fics which show the Kurt's reaction to the past few episodes, like 4x04 - 4x08. Anything in which he thinks about what Blaine did to him and how to move on etc. Preferably no klaine ending. Ships are not a must and I'd prefer gen, but if you find something with any other Kurt ship than klaine you can rec it. Thanks in advance!

Looking for a Kurt-Fic

I'm looking for a Kurt-fic,
i'm not really sure but i thought it was a Kurt/Blaine endgame story,
What i still remember from that story is that Kurt goes to a psychologist, he's in his 20's, and at one point Kurt is in a bar and the psychologist is there also, and they kind of realise that they like each other. The psychologist isn't Blaine btw! it;s an OC.

Other fics:
Kurt where he's endgame with an OC.