November 21st, 2012

  • kathm14

Two Kaofsky/Hummel stories

My non-LJ-using niece is looking for the following:

1) A Dave/Kurt story whose title she can't recall. In it, Dave is applying to a school initially referred to as "The Engineers." Also, Dave is hurt and Santana and Kurt go to see him in the ER. Azimio says something to Dave like, "I called your girlfriend, but I didn't know she'd bring your wife."
2) Kurt and Dave are getting together or are together, but Blaine doesn't want to let go. So he stalks them around Kurt's house trying to kill them both. At the end of the story we learn that SPOILER:

this isn't the first time Blaine's done something like this.

Thanks in advance

Kurt has had enough recs

I want fics where Kurt has finally had enough. He had enough of new directions. Or of Mckinely in general. Of Blaine. Of Finn. Of his dad. Of being looked over. Of being treated deferently because he’s gay. Of not being thought of as a guy. Of not having boyfriend. Just fics where Kurt has had enough.
  • alorog

Hogwarts, Pregnancy, Child at young age...

Hi! I'm looking for a bunch of fics...

1. Fics of Klaine, Seblaine, Kurtbastion in Hogwarts, but mainly Klaine

2. Klaine Fics in which Kurt or Blaine gets pregnant.

3. Fics where Kurt or Blaine have a child at a young age or in general and Didn't meet in high school but in the future

4. Fics in which Kurt, Blaine or both are famous and they meet.

Thank you for the help.

Kurt suicide call with Blaine

I'm looking for a fic where Kurt is in his room and it's night and he takes a bottle of sleeping pills and calls Blaine. He stays on the phone with Blaine and Blaine ends up texting Finn to go check on Kurt. He ends up passing out and Burt and Finn both find out. Help!