November 17th, 2012

Angst, Kurt/OMC, Klaine endgame

I'm looking for a fic that starts out with Blaine returning home to find Kurt on the stairs outside his building with his suitcase. I believe what happened was that Kurt had been living with another boyfriend who was possessive and abusive, and finally returned to Blaine after years of not speaking. I think Kurt was famous (?) and although Kurt and Blaine weren't together before Kurt left they eventually get together once he returns.

Glee characters watching Glee

I just wondering if anyone had any fics that involved the Glee characters watching the Glee DVD's or the Glee concert/Movie, don't really mind about the pairings I'll accept anything :-)) 

Also could the Mods help me with the tags as I have no idea what to tags would be appropriate for this, as I don't know mind who the characters are or the genre etc, so I'm unsure of which ones to select, thanks.  
My Doctor

Kurt/Blaine Fic

so i'm looking for a fic I think is called Stay. It's at BIOTA but Blaine realize he likes Kurt, but when he did there was a party for like all the glee clubs in the area. Kurt is drunk and gives a guy a lap dance to Rihanna Rude Boy. When a bunch of guys start hitting on Kurt Finn takes him away.

Sorry, its so vague. But any help would be great.
Thanks in advance.