November 16th, 2012

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kurt/blaine reconciliation fic

i remember reading this within the past few months about fairly soon after the breakup, blaine is at mckinley and he has a flat tire and he automatically calls burt without even thinking about it, and then burt shows up and blaine cries.

any help?

found!* "the simple things never are" over on ff.n
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Kurt and Blaine affair.

Hi! (: I want you'r help in finding a fic. After Kurt and Blaine break up they meet in the future and Kurt has a boyfriend, Kurt and Blaine start an affair.At first they try to stop themselves and if i remember correctly once they start Kurt doesn't want to do this but he couldn't stop.I think there was a scene where Blaine comes to visit kurt at his office and things happen there.

That is one, and if you have other fics where Kurt and Blaine have an affair together while they have a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband please post it (:

Thank you.

Puck/Kurt, marriage


I search for a specific Puck/Kurt fic in which they meet again years later and the last part of the fic involved their marriage. It is also mentioned that Kurt is under 30 and has reaches his goal to be married legally.

I read the fic on LJ but sadly I don't have more details. :/

Hopefully someone knows this fic...
Thanks in advance!

- Lilly

Recs and Specfic Soulmate Fics Search

1) I'm looking for a klaine soul mate fic where Kurt is still in high school and Blaine is somewhere in his twenties.

2) Also looking for any Kurt/Blaine are soul mates recs.


Specific fic has beem found, link is in comments!
More recs are welcome!!!!
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Looking for specific Kurtbastian fic

Hi! Can I please have help finding a specific Kurtbastian fic?

All I remember is that Kurt and Sebastian are in an already established relationship with each other, living in New York.

I can't remember exactly what the occasion was, but it was either Christmas or their anniversary or Kurt's birthday, andSebastian goes a little crazy overboard and buys Kurt thousands of dollars worth of gifts, because you know, Sebastian is emotionally constipated and doesn't know what to get Kurt, so he gets him *everything*.

He buys him clothes and wine and luggage, all of this stuff so that when Kurt walks into their apartment he has a dumbfounded sensory overload with all of these things that he *wants* all being in the same room, while simultaneously being horrified that his boyfriend/fiance/husband bought him SO MUCH STUFF that cost SO MUCH MONEY OMG!

So yeah, if you amazing folks could help me out I'd appreciate it!!! Thanks!!