October 15th, 2012

Wablers woulnt let kurt leave dalton fic?

hi all u wonderfull pepole : )
i was wondering if there are any fics out there where the wablers "fight" for kurt, woulnt let him leave dalton?

maybe someone also know some really good wabler and kurt fics?

thank you so much.

P.S i properly overdid the tags thing....sorry : (

Kurt/blaine devil wears prada-ish stories

hi again : )

do anyone know of any devil wears prada-ish stories uot there with kurt and hopefully blaine?

im thinking, kurts the "devil" : ) the boss and blaine for some reason aplies for a job and gets it, not really knowing that kurt will be his boss, and then how they get to know each other again and hopefully alot of kurts new world?


Can find Where You Belong by NaomiRaven???

This was on FF.net and it's been deleted :( Does anyone have any idea where else I could find it? Thanks in advance!

Where you Belong by NaomiRaven
Kurt receives flowers and a note asking him to Dalton's prom. The name signed on the note is Blaine. Blaine, however knows nothing about the flowers or the note and thinks Kurt already has a date to the prom. On the night of the prom Kurt thinks Blaine stood him up until he finds out that Blaine wasn't the one to send the flowers. Kurt is then upset and thinks that someone did this as a prank.

It was actually Jeff and Nick that sent the flowers, but they did it to get Kurt and Blaine together.