October 3rd, 2012

[tv] crisscolfer

Broken Blaine, Kurt helping/fixing him

I'm basically just looking for what the subject says: fic where Blaine is broken, hurting, abused (physically or emotionally), abandoned... and Kurt is there for him or helps to make things better for him.

Nothing that involves Blaine cheating on Kurt, or vice versa - I'd prefer for Kurt not to be the reason WHY Blaine is broken or hurting. Happy ending is a definite must, and AUs are great!

specific Kurt mpreg

I'm looking for a fic in which Kurt gets raped and gets pregnant. The fic starts with Kurt and his family going to a doctor and Kurt being afraid of male doctors. During the time that Kurt's pregnant he gets together with Blaine. Eventually Kurt delivered his baby in his own house.

sorry if my tags are wrong it's my first post