September 30th, 2012


Kurt/Carson Brothers

I have been thinking about a story that I once read where Kurt and Carson (from SBL) were brothers.

In the story, I remember that the two would sometimes act as each other (Kurt as Carson, Carson as Kurt). I also remember that Carson had a crush on Quinn, while Kurt and Blaine were together. 

If anyone knows what I am talking about, please help me!

EDIT: Found! Thank you 2people2!

Blaine and daughter escape from abuse relationship to hotel where Kurt is working

I am looking for a fic where Blaine and his daughter are escaping from a bad relationship and take refuge at a hotel where Kurt is working. They have never previously met. Eventually, I think Blaine's estranged husband/boyfriend comes looking for them at the hotel, and Kurt takes the two to his house to help keep them safe. I'm not sure what else happens after that. Any help would be great!

RPF AU Darren/Chris meeting

How are you doing people???
Iam looking for a fic in which Darren and Chris met in a bar where Chris (who was al ready famous) see Darren sing. They go to dinner together. All of that i think it happens in New York.

When they are in a relationship Chris wants Darren to meet the rest of the cast of glee and when Ryan met him, he offers him to be Blaine in Glee, just because he is al ready Chris boyfriend...
Something hit a bell????
Please help me!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advantage!!!!!

Kurt at Dalton and ND visit

I am looking for a fic where Kurt is at Dalton and the ND gang comes to visit him and are surprised when Kurt lets them hug him and stuff. I think at first thought that the Warblers were hurting Kurt and then they tell them how they treated to gain Kurt's trust. I did find it on fanfiction but I lost it. Anyone know of the fic? Thank you.
Chris Lea

Kurt and Blaine together pre-season 2

I read this fic awhile ago and completely forgot to bookmark it. Burt and Carole are together but Finn and Kurt have never met I think Kurt went to dalton but I'm not sure... Anyway the first time Kurt and Finn meet Blaine is there with Kurt. Kurt and Blaine have been best friends since they were very young and have been dating since they were about 13/14. It's quite a long fic and I think Finn is a bit angry and mean but maybe not. I know that they get engaged and that burt is supportive as is focuses heavily around how good and stable kurt and blaines rekationship is. Thanks in advance if found :)

Warblers singing La vie bohem and 1 more fic search.

Hello Everybody.
I am looking for two fics.
The first one is a scene were, I think Kurt or blaine walk in on the warblers singing La vie Bohem, it´s not a rehersel, they are (maybe) looking at rent and know all the words. It is a fic where kurt has transferd to dalton.

The second on I am looking for is a fic where MCKinley closes for a period and the male students are going to dalton. Kurt is there, and when the mckingley students arrive they find out that kurt is one of the most popular kid (along with blaine) in dalton. they are the it couple. The jocks try out for different teams and some for the warblers, but they soon realise it wont be easy at dalton.

Hope these two fics ring a bell for someone.

thank you