September 29th, 2012

Specific Puckurt Baby!fic

Stupid me. I forgot to bookmark this fic and now I really want to read it, so hope you all can help. It's actually a series of fics, collectively called, I believe, the Ben!verse. Kurt I think had been in a relationship with Sam or possibly Evan(?) who died (I think he was ill) either before or shortly after their son Ben was born. Kurt starts a relationship with Puck not long after his husband dies and he feels a lingering sense of guilt for that fact. At the time in which the story is written Ben is still a toddler, aged 2, maybe less, so it's a post-mpreg fic.

Clearly, I don't remember much, but I do remember that it was well written. I don't think there was ever a conclusion to the series. I'd be ever so grateful if someone could help me find this story.

Mods: This is my first time posting in this community. I've read all the rules, but if I've gotten anything wrong please let me know and I'll fix it ASAP. Thanks!

Kurt has cancer

so I can't find this awesome story back.

I think it was a two-shot, and it started with Kurt and Blaine having a fight. Blaine says some things that the entire glee club can hear, which leaves Kurt upset, I think it was the thing with Karofsky. The glee club is upset, and they kinda devide in two: people who are against Kurt and people who agree with Kurt for keeping the karofsky thingy a secret.

I am sure Puck was on Kurt's team

Blaine and Kurt break up at one moment too.

then Kurt gets cancer, but even then some of the glee club are against him

I think it end in Puckkurt.

Someone pls knows which one I'm talking about?