September 28th, 2012

CrissColfer fic, Darren is obsessed with fairytales but misses what is right in front of him

I'm looking for I fic I saw with a summary something around the lines of 'Darren is obsessed with fairy tales and is looking for the perfect match, but he might just miss what is right in front of him' and I didn't read it and can't remember the name. Does anyone know of it?

Klaine sets up home in New York

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a Klaine fic where they, and a combo of ND and the Warblers go to New York to set up an apartment Kurt's mother had left for him in her will.
I remember Kurt's Grandmother owned several theatres, including the Gerswin (sp?) Theatre and she had Rachel blacklisted until she learnt other people deserved success as well.
Please help, it's stuck in my head and won't come out till I read it!


P.S. - Mods, I think I may have over tagged... Please let me know and I'll fix them!

New York Kurt/Rachel/Santana fic

Hello! I'm looking for any fic in which Kurt lives in New York with either Rachel or Santana or better yet, both. Preferably not klaine but I'll take any pairing. It doesn't even have to be Kurt-centric just any fic were the three of them live together. 

Kurt/Blaine online friends/relationship

There is this fic that I've been meaning to catch up on but I can't find it in my history or even remotely remember the name or author and it's really bugging me! I read it on scarvesandcoffee and now I can't find it. 

All I can remember is that Kurt and Blaine became friends via Tumblr and fandoms like Sherlock and Doctor Who etc, Blaine's parents die in a house fire and each chapter starts with The One (like each Friends episode). 

Does anyone know what it's called? I promise I'll bookmark it if anyone finds it! Promise! 


ETA: A lovely anon found it - Dashboard Confessional

Kurt/Blaine, blow job fetish

I'm looking for this one fic that I read a little while ago, it takes place in s2 before Kurt and Blaine are together. Kurt is obsessed and fascinated with the idea of blowjobs, and wants to and practices doing it with a dildo he bought online. Kurt asks Blaine to help him with this, and Blaine is holding the dildo/ thrusting it into Kurt's mouth, etc. I think it leads to Kurt actually giving Blaine a blowjob? I think? 

Does anyone know it?