September 27th, 2012

Klaine with kids

Are there any future fics about Kurt and Blaine with kids and their child/children are at an age where they are in school and is embarrassed that he has two days or embarrassed because of Kurt or Blaine. It could be because one of their friends says something or someone makes a comment in general about gay people. The child then comes home and tells his dads about it or Kurt and Blaine overhear them talking about it with friends.
-Thanks in advance!!

Kurt has a Brother

Hey People!!!!

Ok so I was wondering if there are any stories where Kurt has a straight brother who is related to him by blood or by adoption or because Burt married Carole or another woman earlier than when the show has it. If it's one of the ND boys that's fine, and if it's an original character that's fine to. I'd perfer longer stories!

Thanks in advance people!!!!!
Mad Hatter - Jackson

FutureFic! Klaine

Looking for a fic where Kurt and Blaine are married and have a daughter. I can't remember that much of the story but I think Blaine is having a affair. One scene where Kurt. Blaine and their daughter get in a accident and Blaine wants to fix things between them .

Any help would be great!!!