September 23rd, 2012


future knowledge

Hello! I've been re-watching the first two seasons and wondering why no one puts a stop to Rachel before she goes too far. Like...... stuffing ballot boxes? stabbing 'friends' in the back? sending someone to a crack house! Srsly? She gets away w/this (and where were her 'two gay dads' when Kurt needed them?) and no one punishes her and everyone forgives her?

So - I figured it was probably that no one thinks she MEANS to do all this stuff and that, if they forgive her, she'll learn better. Eventually. Sometime after her 42nd chance or something?

So, here's what I was looking for.

1 = Fics where Rachel IS doing it on purpose. She got her dads (or paid someone) to call Burt in 'Wheels', told Brit it was okay to give the setlist to Sue, etc. Would esp like to see stories like this where she gets caught and/or punished.

2 - Fics where some of the charactes (would prefer if it was Kurt, but not picky - so long as it isn't Rachel) have future knowledge and try to makes things turn out better/fix things. Not looking for ones like 'the power of dvd' where the Warblers get ahold of future knowledge and Blaine is still an idiot. This future knowledge has to inspire the character to try and change events.

Thank you all very much for your help.

A lost fic, Blaine-centric, light Blaine/Kurt

Hi, I recently lost a computer and a lot of my links along with it.

The one I nost want to recover, as I was in the middle of it, was a Blaine/Kurt. It was REALLY long and well written. I remember Blaine called Kurt's phone and Burt answers. He's at some hotel room and he doesn't know how he got there. Burt goes and gets him, takes him to the hospital. Turns out he was drugged and raped by his french teacher. He ends up living with Kurt after his family turns their backs on him.

Anyone recognize it?
  • takuras

LOOKing for fic the title is: Going For Broke

Writer by andawakesimagination
Blangst story..can remember details....
I think maybe writer delete the fic...
Anyway it‘s my last try...Does anyone can give me the link or maybe send the story to me??
I just wanna read the story...desperate....PLS
At least tell me why delete this story  TT。TT

Coma!Kurt Fic

Hi there! I'm looking for a fic I've seen floating around before but never got around to reading. It was set in season 2, pre-Original Song and I remember that Kurt somehow ended up in a coma and he had an elaborate dream in which Blaine felt the same way about him. The result was that he didn't want to wake up and began to accept his dream as reality. I haven't read the fic so I can't provide anymore plot details but if this rings any bells I'd love some input. Thanks!