September 21st, 2012

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looking for Kurt/blaine Season 2 Duets AU fic

I'm am looking for a fanfic where Blaine transfers to mckinley at the beginning of season 2 and the events of Duets happen instead of Sam but Blaine. Finn confronts him about singing with Blaine. Then Kurt goes to Blaine and says about not having to do the duet with him and he wanted to sing a duet with the cute new boy. then Blaine says "Did you concider that maybe I wanted to sing with the cute boy too." I've tried googling the quote but got no results.

EDIT 2/10: it' Duets by Signe_chan hanks t seelentraene

Santana lives with Kurt after being outed

Hi I am looking for a fic I am pretty sure that Santana lives with Kurt after being either outed or coming out to her parents I do remember one scene where I think its Brittany's parents won't let Brittany see Santana anymore after they find out they were having sex because one of one of their mentally disabled family members had been raped and they don't think Brittany has the mental capacity to consent. Sue gets involved and has Brittany tested and it turns out she just has synethesia where she sees and hears colors and things like that. If anyone could point out this fic I would love it I think it is part of a large fic but Im not sure. Thanks in advance!

Kurt/New York Fics

Any fics set in the new Season that focus on Kurt and New York.

Any pairing, though I would like Kurt to be the main focus. Klaine is ok, but I'm not in the mood to read one, though I would read a Post-New York break up!

HummelBerry friendship is a bonus!

Thanks in advance for any recs :)

Klaine One Night Stand

I'm trying to find a fic that I read a while ago, I believe it was on

It takes place in the future, in New York I believe. Kurt and Blaine have never met before.
Kurt takes Blaine back to his place for a one night stand, but in the morning they decide to start dating.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?