September 15th, 2012

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Eating Disorder!Kurt

Hello! If anyone could recommend some fics where Kurt has an eating disorder, well that would be great. :)

I do prefer complete stories.

In terms of possible romance, anything is OK but my personal favourite is Klaine.

Okay, thank you in advance! :)

Kurt's has a mute son AU

so i remeber reading a story on scarvesandcoffee where kurt had sex with a girl when he was drunk and  is was like 15 i think and then she turns out pregnant and she has to move back to egypt and he wants to keep the baby. and then he finds out that his baby is mute and a couple years pass and he meets blaine and etc. please help! :)
klaine prom

a klaine prom fic

Hi I'm looking for a klaine prom fic where Kurt or Blaine were not allowed to buy a ticket to prom and I think Rachel organises an anti-prom that would be held at the roller-ring place. Everyone else in the New Directions helped with it except for Quinn and Finn who didn't know.
It was on
I sold it my soul for a lifetime subscri
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Klaine are neighbors and Blaine plays Baseball

Hey guys, I'm looking for a series of fics that are part of the same universe.

Kurt and Blaine are neighbors and that they write each other messages and converse between their windows (that part might be a different fic though).

Blaine plays Baseball. He eventually goes on to play it in college and all of his teammates are under the assumption that he's dating a girl. (Kurt sends him goodies and signs them with a K). Then the series goes on to him playing professionally.

Any help finding this series would be much appreciated.

Thanks :-)

Kurt attacked in parking lot/garage

1) Are there any fics out there where Kurt is in a parking lot or parking garage and is confronted by his bullies or other people looking to hurt him?

2) I remember reading one on tumblr awhile ago, but the link doesn't work anymore. If anyone knows the correct link or if it has been moved somewhere, please let me know where.

This is the old link:

Edit: #2 has been found, link is in the comments. I would still love any recs for #1.