September 12th, 2012

  • brittwo

burt with puck/kurt

I believe the story was on, but I can't find it. Burt got really upset about something and called Kurt some pretty awful things. Kurt ended up in the hospital somehow, and Puck sings to him? It was multichaptered, I think?
peter parker

Recs please

Due to a rage induced black out from some parts of season 3. It's been awhile since I've been in the glee fandom.

And since I'm not patient enough to go through all the backlog...well here I am with my hat out for help.

So! I want recs!

-No Finchel or Furt or Kurtofsky or Wemma
-No Mister Schue bashing please.
-Glee bros are always a bonus
-Nothing too kinky

Other than that please go wild. I beg of you to go as wild with your recs as you like.

Thank you!

(Mod: I hope I did the tags right for this. If not sorry!)

Sebastian Smythe, Grant Gustin

Kurtbastian Futurefics

I'm looking for any and all Kurt/Sebastian futurefics!  I would really like to see people's reactions to them being together and I would prefer it have little to no Blaine bashing.  Long stories and one-shots - I will take anything you can give me!