September 7th, 2012


Dave/Kurt Story

I am looking for one story. I have seen that it has been taken off, titled : Perfect Little Housewife. Pairing was Dave/Kurt. The summary I can get from Google is : Dave thinks that all men should have their own housewife.Someone who bends to their will and completely submits themselves to their husband. As far as I remember it was a WIP.

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klaine AU from others POVs?


I'm looking for a fic where we see the klaine love from other characters' POVs. It was a AU because I remember Blaine being a jock but being accepted. I think in the 1st chapter it's the POV of a new student, he sees Blaine with someone but only realise later that it's Kurt and not a girl and the other jocks warn him to leave them alone? Later he goes to Blaine's home and meets Kurt who is already there with a baby in his arms.(it's Blaine's little sister)
Please, help?

Kurt attacked


I am looking for this story where Kurt is beaten up by some homophobic people. the men were following him through the streets. i know it's mentioned that those people were voters for sue sylvester.

it's a one shot, and in the end it's Burt who's sitting with his son, and Sue comes to visit.

I know this is vague, but does someone know which story I refer to?

Kinks, Hybrids, Bashing & A World Of Epicness?

So it's time for a list again! YAY! Hahahaha, I'm looking for Kurt-Centric recs as usual. So, the kind of recs I'm looking for is:

1) Boypussy. Just Kurt, not Blaine or Sebastian or etc etc.

2) Hybrid. Half Kitty or Half Doggy or Half Wolf or etc etc.

3) In Heat. Just Kurt, don't mind if there is Mpreg.

4) Domestic Kink. Doesn't matter who has the kink as long as it's there.

5) Submissive. Dom can be anyone but Sub has to Kurt

6) HBIC. Kurt can be a cheerleader or a popular kid or etc etc.

7) Dancing. Can be M or K or T, doesn't matter as long as Kurt show his flexibilty.

8) ND or/and Mr Shue Bashing. It doesn't have to be all of ND but it has to be a group. Like totalgleekgirl's Big Bang, where only Santana, Brittany, Puck, Sam and Quinn is Team Kurt while everyone else is Anti Kurt.

9) Kurt & Wablers Friendship/Epic Bromance.

10) Pummel + Santana + Sam or Puck + Kurt + Santana + Sam or ect ect. As long as it involves Puck, Kurt, Sam and Santana in an epic friendship, it doesn't matter if there is a pairing.

If there is any Kurt pairing, I hope it's slash and I prefer to avoid Kurt/Finn, Kurt/Burt, and Kurt/Will. Any ratings is fine.

Sorry! Hahahaha, but just had to get everyting out before I forget ^_^

Please & Thank You for taking your time to read and rec!

*I think my tags are right, right?*

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Letters Left In Kurt's Locker?

I just can't find my link to a story I read a little while back. Kurt was getting pamphlets and bible verses and notes in his locker. They were being left there by a younger female student who was religious and were intended to help him. I think it may have been at least partially in the female student's POV.

Thanks for any help you can give me finding this.

Edit: It's not 'Beyond This Illusion'. From the little I recall, no one knew who was leaving the notes in Kurt's locker until the very end.