August 31st, 2012

glee: Brittany is judging you

Alpha Kurt chooses Blaine

I'm looking for a specific fic I read a couple months back....

It was either on the GKM or it started out as a prompt there that the author posted on their journal, but basically Kurt is an alpha werewolf looking for a mate. Burt hold this get together? party? meeting? so Kurt could choose a mate, and I *think* Sebastian's there (definitely could be wrong on that part) and then there were a couple other guys that he just basically didn't want. Then he sees Blaine and decides to mate with him.

I remember that Blaine's dad was proud of him, can't exactly remember why though. I also remember this scene where Blaine second guesses or gets scared (it isn't full out dub con/non con though) and he basically fights Kurt, but then he realizes what he did and gets scared Kurt will be angry.

Thanks in advance! :) And sorry for all the run ons....