August 26th, 2012

Slash Gambit

Looking for a 2 specific stories.

I am looking for 2 fics:

1) Found! this is based on 3X05 where Kurt ends up singing/performing Maria I believe. At least singing a major song for West Side and getting a mention in the local paper, etc.

2) Found! Blaine and the Warblers get DVD/Videos of the future with Kurt, whom eventually joins them and they watch and at one point Wes begs Kurt not to leave, promising to help him get on the Student counsel and all. Watching Glee

Please and Thank you for any help.

looking for fanfic...

hi,I'm looking for a story where finn is sick and i think kurt supposed to take care of him but finn ask kurt to call puck.
it turns out that puck is good at 
taking  care of sick people because his sister.....

Emily Thorne

Two Dave/Kurt Fics

Looking for two Dave/Kurt fics.

The first one is about Dave who kidnaps Kurt so he could be his wife, he takes him to a cabin in the woods. I think Dave's family treats women as just wife, no respect. So he keeps trying to set Dave up with some girl but he just wants Kurt. He keeps Kurt there for I think 3 years. The story is still a work in progress.

The second on is also about Dave kidnapping Kurt, he keep him in a storage unit and then plans to kill him. Dave drives all the way to Kentucky to do it. But Kurt escapes and call the police. That's all I remember, it's a work in progress too.

Thank in advance.