August 22nd, 2012

  • brittwo

puck and kurt

I'm looking for a story where Puck and Kurt are secretly together but Puck is a jerk. He is with Kurt and Quinn at the same time and ends up leaving Kurt for Quinn. Kurt ends up dating Sam at some point and I think Quinn ends up trying to help Puck get Kurt back along with Tina and Artie?

Also, are there any other stories where Kurt is someone's secret boyfriend/dirty little secret?


Help finding Kurt Fic

1) OK I'm look for a story where Jurt gets into Julliard on a classical course because he can sing in french, I dont remember much or if I imagined it. I believe Rachel was annoyed because she wanted to go to there first and he explains why he did. Can't remember the pairing or if there was one at all.

2)  I'd also like any fic where Kurt get into NYADA and not Rachel, Don't have anything against her but watched the last episode again and thought it was unfair Kurt didnt get in when his performance for the audition was a lot better and hers sucked, and since it only should have been based on that rather than the performance of the glee club. Just a little annoyed as Kurt is my favourite :)

FOUND Kurt kidnapped and abused by Karofsky, found by brittany

Hye there!

I am looking for this story where Kurt is kidnapped by Karofsky. He's being beaten and raped in a basement I think, and when Karofsky is done, he breaks Kurt's leg and lays him outside in the snow to die.

The glee club members are pairing up in little groups to go find Kurt, and it's Brittany and Santana who find Kurt, barely hanging on. Someone knows what story I'm talking about pretty please?

Kurt wrongfully sent to jail

I'm looking for a fic that I thought I found through here (potentially posted on, but can't find now! Kurt was sent to jail but it turns out he was not guilty and he is sent home before he finishes his sentence. While in jail he was raped several times by several different inmates, and he comes back a different person. I think Blaine was the only person who never thought that Kurt was guilty, but Burt and most of New Directions assumed that he was. Help?