August 19th, 2012

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Looking for an old Blaine story

Ok, the story I'm looking for is pretty old. 

When I read it sometime last year, it wasn't finished.

It was focused on Blaine.
Some of it was written from the PoV of his grandfather, who recognized how special he was (as opposed to his mother, at least at first).
Blaine was playing the piano and there was a dog he liked whom he spent time with...?
Blaine was still a little boy in those parts.
I don't know whether Kurt was going to come into it eventually.

I would love to re-read it, see how it continued after I lost all my bookmarks and couldn't find it anymore...

Sadly, I can't remember what it was called or who wrote it. I just remember that I really liked it. I do know it was posted to lj.


I hope my tags are okay?
Puck/Kurt in britney/madonna video

looking for two stories

Hi! There's two stories i'm looking for...but possibly they are actually the same fic!

1) I think it's a Puck/Kurt but i may be wrong. All I remember is that Kurt broke up with Blaine and Blaine was confused because he had a timetable of their future which included when he would reveal to Kurt that he was a republican and when he would join the log cabin republicans.

2) This may have been a Puck/Kurt one too, but again i'm not sure. The girls (maybe it was Santana?) sent Blaine the song 'best thing you never had' by Beyonce on Kurt's behalf.

To be honest they may be from the same fic, i really don't remember, but i would love to read them again!


Abused Brittnany and Sam

This is a story that was on the Glee angst meme (I think). It was written from Sam's POV and he was being abused by his family. He realizes Brittany is too when he says he walked into a wall and she goes 'oh your mom hit you?' because she that's what she was taught to say. Sam coaxes her to tell the adults and she's removed from house. I remember she tells Sam saying you walked into a wall isn't the same so he has to tell people too. Sam does and is removed too. Near the end Sam gets a call from Santana because Brittany is having bad dreams.

I also remember after Brittany is removed from her home she asks Santana if her mom feeds her every night. When Santana says yes Brittany nods and says something like 'good. That's what mom's are supposed to do.'

Thanks in advance!

Found! Link in comments.